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Canadian digital TV transition - Sep 01, 2011

The digital TV transition has now taken place and all local analog broadcasting in most major cities across Canada has been switched to digital. Please note that even if you were already watching digital TV before the transition, you will need to do a fulll rescan as most Canadian local channels had to switch frequencies as part of the transition. Once you do a full rescan and based on your location in the GTA, you should be able to receive the following Canadian channels:

5-1 CBLT (CBC) Toronto
9-1 CFTO (CTV) Toronto
11-1 CHCH - Hamilton
19-1 TVO - Toronto
25-1 CBLFT-25 (CBLFT-DT) CBC French
36-1 CITS-36 CTS / Crossroads - Hamilton
41-1 CIII (GLOBAL) Toronto
44.1  (Omni 2) - Toronto
57-1 CITY-57 (CITY-DT) City TV - Toronto
64-1  (Omni 1) Toronto
66-1 CKXT (SUN News) Toronto

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