Installation services

Dr.Sat provides professional installation of all types of satellite dish and OTA antenna systems. We use an advanced portable electronic meter to confirm proper alignment directly at the antenna outside in order to maximize your signal strength. We also will ensure the satellite dish or antenna is installed at a location where it has a perfect line of site during all seasons!

Included with all StarterPak installation packages:
  • Installation of receiving antenna and cabling
  • Installation of one satellite receiver (if installing a satellite system)
  • Grounding of system using a ground block connected to an approved grounding point
  • Up to 100 feet of RG6 coaxial cable
  • Single wall penetration
  • Connection and configuration of receiver and/or television
  • Basic instructions on how to operate the system

Extra fees might occur for any of the following:
  • More than 100 feet of RG6 coaxial cable
  • Additional TV outlets and/or distribution amplifier if required
  • Additional receivers
  • Fishing wires through walls
  • Specialized, non-basic installations (e.g. multi-storey installations, buried cable, removal of signal obstructions)
  • Additional hardware accessories (e.g. multi-switches, signal amplifiers)

Important note: Your installation may start at any time during the scheduled appointment window and may take several hours to complete. We strongly recommend NOT scheduling an installation appointment if you are unavailable after the appointment window as certain installations may take more time to complete than anticipated. We at Dr. Sat strive for perfection and appreciate not getting rushed in completing an installation.

Factors to consider before installation:
  • Southern exposure with clear line-of-sight required (no trees, buildings or other obstructions)
  • Rental properties might require written permission from the landlord
  • Condo owners might require owners association approval
  • Installers are not authorized or equipped to enter customer's attic for cable routing
  • Mounting location may be regulated by local by-laws

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