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CRTC approves CBC request to cease analogue OTA - Jul 17, 2012

The CRTC has approved the application from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to revoke the broadcasting licences of its television programming undertakings CBIT Sydney, Nova Scotia, cbkst saskatoon, Saskatchewan and their related retransmitters. In addition, the CRTC approved the CBC's request to remove 23 other English and French language OTA television stations from its licences located across the country which are still broadcasting in analogue as these will be discontinued. The CBC plans to cease operation of all these transmitters on 31 July 2012.

More information on the CBC's analogue shutdown including a complete list of impacted OTA transmitters is available on the CBC's website

If you are currently relying on an affected analogue OTA transmitter for CBC service, you MUST take action before July 31st!

To continue receiving the CBC for free, you may install our CBC HD C band dish system

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