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KU-band LNBF bracket for C-band dish image KU-band LNBF bracket for C-band dish

Item SKU: 0051
Category: Satellite Brackets
Brand: DMS International

Price: $19.99

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    * KU-band LNB bracket for C-band dish
    * Allows mounting of a Ku LNBF on a C-band dish
    * Has clamping for 40mm and 23mm LNBF throat sizes, fits just about any Ku LNB on the market
    * Sturdy build allows you to mount heavy LNBFs like the Invacom QPH-031 and others
    * Comes with 3 bolts to mount to your C Band dish
    * Works great with the BSC321SP and other Ku LNBs

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