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C-Band GCF-12T dual LNBF (Gospell) image
C-Band GCF-12T dual LNBF (Gospell)

Item SKU: 0057
Category: Satellite LNB & LNBF's
Brand: Gospell

Digital Dual-Pole Dual-Output C-Band Twin Universal LNBF

Price: $29.99

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Model Number: GCF- D12T 

          o Input frequency range: 3.4-4.2GHz
          o Output frequency range:
                + 950-1,750MHz
                + Output 1 : 950-1,750MHz
                + Output 2 : 950-1,750MHz
          o Conversion gain: 64dB(TYP) @25OC 48dB (min.) 68dB (max.)
          o Gain flatness: 8dB over band +/-1dB/25MHz
          o Noise figure: 0.7dB(TYP) 1.5dB(max)
          o Cross polarization discrimination: 20dB (min)
          o Image rejection: 45dB (min)
          o Pout power: 0dBm (min) (1dB compression)
          o IF band spurious (1,200MHz): -57dBm (max)
          o L.O. frequency: low band: 5.15GHz
          o L.O. frequency stability:
                +/-1.0MHz@25 deg. C
                +/- 3.0MHz@-40 - +60 deg. C
          o L.O. phase noise (under room temperature):
                + -50dBc/Hz (1kHz max.)
                + -75dBc/Hz (10kHz max)
                + -95dBc/Hz (100kHz max)
          o Polarization selection: V: 11-14V DC H: 16-19V DC
          o Output connector: 75-ohm F type female
          o DC current consumption: 150mA (TYP) 250mA (max.)
          o Operating temperature: -40 deg. C to +60 deg. C
    * Features:
          o Dual polarized C-band satellite signals
          o Receiving horizontal and vertical signal
          o Excellent DRO and gain flatness
          o Qualified for working in harsh environments
          o Superior low noise performance
          o Connected with two receivers at the same time without mutual interruption 
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