System upgrades

If your current satellite system is lacking channels or has low signal due to inadequate dish size, Dr. Sat can help! Based on the satellites you wish to receive, we will recommend to you the minimum dish size required to ensure a quality signal during all types of weather. As it is a known fact that satellite signal (especially KU-Band) is negatively impacted during rain fade, it is important to get a satellite dish larger than the absolute minimum size in order to provide a signal strong enough to overcome the impact of rain fade.

We are also able to assist in other types of upgrades as well such as additional receivers or the addition or a C-Band dish. If you already have a C-Band dish but still have an old analog satellite receiver, we can upgrade your system with a digital satellite receiver which will allow you to access numerous channels available exclusively on C-Band! Dr. Sat will ensure that your C-Band satellite dish investment is preserved for many years to come.

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