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RTP International transponder change - Aug 14, 2017

Portugal's national broadcaster, RTP Internacional America, has just switched the transponder being used for their Free To Air channel located on the Galaxy 19 satellite. This means that in order to continue receiving RTPi America using a medium sized Ku-band dish, you will need to rescan the new transponder being used.

The old "RTPi" channel on your list will also have to be deleted in order to avoid any tuning issues.

In order to regain access to RTPi America, you must rescan your FTA satellite receiver using the following tuning parameters:

Satellite: Galaxy 19 Ku-Band @ 97 degrees West
Transponder: 12152 MHz
Polarity: H
Symbol Rate: 20000
FEC: ¾
Modulation: QPSK
Format: DVB-S MPEG2 4.2.0

Video PID: 800
Audio PID: 801
RDPi PID (stereo): 901

If you have any questions or would like to book a service appointment, please feel free to contact us.

Informação: os parâmetros técnicos da emissão da RTP Internacional América no satélite Galaxy 19 vão mudar no próximo dia 31 de Agosto, 2017

Os novos parâmetros que deve colocar no seu receptor de satélite são:

Galaxy 19 – Banda KU
Posição Orbital: 97° Oeste
Transponder: K26
Frequência: 12152 MHz
Polirização: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 20000
FEC: ¾
Modulação: QPSK
Formato: DVB-S Video Mpeg2 4.2.0, áudio Mpeg 1 layer II

PID Video: 800
PID Áudio: 801
PID RDPi (estéreo): 901

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