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HotShot heater for Bell TV 20 inch satellite dish image
HotShot heater for Bell TV 20 inch satellite dish

Item SKU: 0778
Category: Satellite Dish heaters
Brand: Winegard

Beat the snow from impacting your satellite reception with an automatic dish heater

Price: $139.99

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The HotShot heating element has an automatic thermostat that turns on just above freezing temperatures and off when the dish surface heats up. The HotShot heating element is an exclusive patented invention of Perfect 10, has been offered for over 13 years and is used by many thousands of dish owners in snowy climates to aid reception when the weather gets testy.

  • Durable vinyl material lasts a long time
  • Etched foil resistance heating element
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it’s needed most
  • M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna
  • Conforms to the reflectors curves and angles
  • This power supply provides 24 volts of AC power to the blanket and that power should NOT be exceeded.
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