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Ecoda (Sat + Ant) Diplexer

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Category: Satellite Switches
Brand: Ecoda

Ecoda (Sat + Ant) Diplexer

Price: $5.00

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Combine Satellite and Cable TV Signals

Because satellite and cable use 2 separate frequency bands, you can "piggy-back" one signal on top of the other. This lets you save time and cabling by running just 1 line into the house for both.

You'll need a pair of these: 1 to combine and 1 to split back the signals.

Combine Satellite and Cable TV Signals (Sat + Cable) Diplexer


    * Frequency range terrestrial - 47...862 MHz
    * Frequency range SAT - 950...2400 MHz
    * Through loss is less than 3 dB
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