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Avenger KSC322 0.2dB standard dual image Avenger KSC322 0.2dB standard dual

Item SKU: 0627
Category: Satellite LNB & LNBF's
Brand: DMS International

Avenger LNBFs are High Stability, High Gain Ku LNBFs.

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The Avenger standard LNBF features an extended frequency of 11.7 to 12.75 GHz.  Standard 10.750 GHz LO for ease of set up.  Super low noise of 0.1dB makes it the best available LNBF for the money.  Standard 40mm LNBF throat allows it to be mount to just about any dish.  If you are looking for the best possible LNBF at a low cost, Avenger LNBFs are for you.

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