SATVantage Rewards program

Earn and save with the SATVantage Rewards program from Dr. Sat!

Collect 1 SATVantage Reward point for every dollar you spend. In addition, members of our SatHunters club who post wild feeds in our wildfeeds discussion forum also earn SATVantage Reward points as well.

SATVantage Reward points can be redeemed for a discount on your future Dr. Sat product purchases at an exchange rate of 20 points per dollar with no minimum purchase required. Points may be redeemed for purchases made either on our website or from our retail store.

In addition to earning and redeeming points, SATVantage Rewards program members also benefit from a complimentary enhanced 1 year warranty on any item purchased as a member. This warranty supplements the original equipment manufacturer's warranty to provide coverage for 1 full year.

Membership to the SATVantage Rewards program is free with no annual fees and you may enroll after registering an account on our website and selecting the option to enroll once logged in your user account.

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