Dish realignments

Many factors can lead to your satellite dish becoming unaligned such as poor initial installation, strong winds or heavy snow. Let Dr. Sat professionally realign your satellite dish to restore optimal signal strength.

When aligning a satellite dish, there are three very important variables that need to be adjusted in order to properly receive the signal.

1. Elevation - Angle between the Earth and the satellite above the horizon. This is also referred to as the up or down movement (position) of the satellite antenna.

2. Azimuth - Compass direction the antenna is pointed towards, relative to a magnetic north. This is also referred to as the left or right movement (position) of the satellite antenna.

3. Polarization - Correction between where the antenna is relative to the curvature of the Earth and the satellite’s signal beam. The satellite signal is either Horizontal or Vertical polarized, but due to the longitude of the antenna location, the antenna’s feed horn must be rotated to correctly match the beam's polarization.The following illustration will better show the relationship between azimuth, elevation, and polarization.

GFX Polar

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