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Lightning Arrestor

Item SKU: 1127
Category: Hardware Grounding
Brand: RAK Wireless

Protect your LoRaWAN gateway from current surges with this lightning arrestor

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This is a surge protective device for securing transceivers against over-voltage and surge current induced by bolts of lightning. 

For the purpose of protecting the indoor equipment and circuitry connected to the LoRa gateway, you need to install an Ethernet Port Surge Protection Device (SPD).

We recommend installing a lightning arrestor on all N-type antenna terminals including LoRa, LTE, and 2.4G Wi-Fi antennas. Please refer to the technical manual for wire type and gauge recommendations.

Connector Type: N-type male to N-type female
Impedance: 50 ?
Frequency range: 0-2700 MHz
Power loss 0-2000 MHz: ? 0.2 dB
Ingress protection: IP67
Nominal discharge current In: 10 kA
Maximum discharge current Imax: 20 kA
Voltage protection Level Up: ? 1200 V

Product Weight: Approximately 180g
Product Dimensions: 68mm x 21mm
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