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RAK2287 Pi Hat

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Category: Networking Wireless adapters
Brand: RAK Wireless

Use a RAK2287 module on a Raspberry Pi with this adapter

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RAK2287 Pi HAT is a converter board that makes it possible to connect the RAK2287 LPWAN Concentrator Module in PCIe form factor module to Raspberry Pi. When building a hotspot for the Helium Network, make sure to use a Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB RAM) if running the Helium Miner on it.

Building a hotspot can be done in one of two ways: 

- Combine your Packet Forwarder and Miner into one Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB+ RAM)
- Run your Packet Forwarder on a Raspberry Pi 3+ or better and run the Miner on AWS or other self hosted solution. The reason for this option is the network usage of the miner is much greater than that of the packet-forwarder, so there may be times you want to minimize in field hotspots network usage.

Product Details

    Dimensions: 65mm x 55mm x 18mm (±2mm)
    Weight: 22.7g
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