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Helium WisBlock Connected Kit (US915) image
Helium WisBlock Connected Kit (US915)

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Category: Networking Access Points
Brand: RAK Wireless

Click, Code and Connect to nearly any type of IoT project you can think of!

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The one kit that will let you go from prototype to production for nearly any type of IoT project you can think of. This WisBlock kit specially made with Helium Network developers in mind. It comes with all the sensors and IO boards you need to rapidly prototype your projects and move to production at scale. 

This affordable kit features a selection of 13 different WisBlock IO and WisBlock Sensor modules to give you a quick start for the development of your next project on the Helium network.

We even include two complete core and base boards so you can build two projects using only one kit.

Besides all WisBlock modules and antennas, this kit comes with a handy manual screwdriver that makes it easy to fix the modules on the RAK5005-O baseboard.


Explore IoT solutions on the Helium network for different applications: environmental sensing, agriculture solutions, GPS trackers, your imagination is the limit... All WisBlock modules come with documentation and a large collection of example software source code.

Perfect to be used for both commercial and educational purposes.


Kit dimension: 170mm x 170mm x 52mm
Weight: 341g (0.341 kg)


WisBlock Base:
- 2x RAK5005-O | WisBlock Base Board
WisBlock Core:
- 2x RAK4631 | WisBlock LPWAN Module
WisBlock Sensors:
- RAK1901 | WisBlock Temperature and Humidity Sensor
- RAK1902 | WisBlock Barometer Pressure Sensor
- RAK1903 | WisBlock Ambient Light Sensor
- RAK1904 | WisBlock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor
- RAK1906 | WisBlock Environmental Sensor
- RAK1910 | WisBlock GNSS Location Module
WisBlock IO:
- RAK1920 | WisBlock Sensor Adapter Module
- RAK2305 | WisBlock WiFi Interface Module
- RAK5801 | WisBlock 4-20mA Interface Module
- RAK5802 | WisBlock RS485 Interface Module
- RAK5804 | WisBlock IO Extension Module
- RAK5811 | WisBlock 0-5V Interface Module
- RAK18000 | WisBlock PDM Stereo Microphone Module
- LoRa® Antenna
- Manual Screwdriver
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