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Super PowerJack 24” QARL-3624+ actuator Heavy Duty image
Super PowerJack 24” QARL-3624+ actuator Heavy Duty

Item SKU: 0738
Category: Satellite Motors
Brand: Moteck

Heavy Duty LINEAR ACTUATOR Arm Dish Mover (HD)
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24" stroke length 36v Heavy Duty Actuator for use with 
8' or 10' prime focus satellite dishes

    Superior Anti-rust process
    Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade 
plated hardware
    Excellent water proofing
    3 drain holes
    Super Reed Sensor
    Ruthenium plated contacts ensures longer sensor 
    Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to 
eliminate effects of dust and corrosion
    Zero oxidation
    Advanced design prevents sticking, binding or 
    Plastic impregnated for easy installation.

Model             HEAVY DUTY ACTUATOR (HV)
Input             36VDC
Load Capacity     4500N
Stroke Length     450 mm, 18"
Drive             ACME
Full Load Speed   4.2mm / sec
Duty Cycle        20%
Temperature       -26?C~65?C(-15?F~150?F)
Limit Switch      Adjustable
Sensor            Reed Switch Sensor
Static Load       9000N
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